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Java Junkies - Luke and Lorelai

Java Junkies - Luke & Lorelai
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Welcome to Java Junkies, a community for those Gilmore Girls viewers who love the pairing of Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes.

Here you can discuss the show, the relationship, post your fanfiction, fanart, and LJ icons.

Also on occasion there might be rounds of flashfic or ficathons, or icon challenges.


1. Please respect your fellow community members. We're here to have fun!
2. Please put icons behind an lj-cut if there are more than three. Up to three may be posted without the cut as teasers. Also, place fanart behind a cut, so you don't mess up friends pages.
3. Please place all fanfiction, except the headers (title, author, etc.), behind an lj-cut, and label them with the appropriate ratings and spoiler warnings.
4. When discussing an episode, please place all spoiler comments behind an lj-cut for those who haven't seen the episode, or don't read spoilers.

Not too hard right? If you have any questions, please contact the mod, aussirayne. Most important of all, jump in and have fun discussing one of the most entertaining couples on TV.